The first rulein our Grooming Service is that animal welfare always comes first! Our grooming service offers a non-distressing, calm, friendly, environment for your pet. You can feel confident that your pet is receiving up-most care and appropriate dedication of time along with a top quality, professional groom, at every single appointment. We use premium, all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan products and have experienced, trustworthy staff. 
What can we say, Bazil and Ruby wouldn't have it any other way!
  • 2 shampoos using a shampoo specifically tailored for your dog’s coat and/or skin sensitivity
  • Nourishing Skin and Coat Conditioning Treatment
  • Gentle, detailed facial wash
  • Paw Soak Treatment - Removes dirt, debris and dried, caked on mud from the nails and nail beds. Deep cleans and helps nourish the paw pads
  • Paw balm application - Moisturises and protects the paw pads
  • Brush Out
  • Blow dry
  • 5-point Health Check
  • Appointment consultation

                         - Toy Dogs (< 4kg): from £20

                         - Small Dogs (5kg-10kg): from £25

                         - Medium Dogs (11kg-15kg): from £30

                         - Large Dogs (> 16kg): from £35

                                 *(£3 extra charge for dogs with long or thick coats)


  • The Tidy Up: Paw Clean Up, Sanitary Trim; Face, Beard and Inner Ear Trim; Paw Pads Moisturized: £15

         The Style Up: Body Trim down or Breed Specific Cut. Paw Pad Tidy Up;             sanitary trim; face, beard and inner ear trim; paw pads moisturised.

                        - Toy Dogs: £18

                        - Small Dogs: £20

                        - Medium Dogs: £23

                        - Large Dogs: £28


  • Hand Stripping: Starting from £50
  • De-Matting: Starting from £30
  • De-Sheding Treatment: Extracts under coat and brings out all dead hair. Good for all breed types with a shedding coat. Starting from £10
  • Puppies First Groom: Gentle wash, tidy up, brush out and nail trim. Essential for getting your puppy comfortable with future grooming sessions and over all handling: Starting from £20
  • Cats: Starting from £45

£8 Add- Ons

  • Nails trimmed and filed.
  • Ear Cleaning Treatment: Gently clean ears with specific ear cleaning solution, and trim inside and around.
  • Tear Stain Treatment - Gentle, effective removal of tear stains. Trimming of fur around the
  • Wrinkle Treatment (for wrinkly faced breeds e.g. French Bulldogs, British Bulldogs, Pugs …): Cleans away and kills odorous, skin irritating bacteria that get in-between the wrinkles of the face, neck, and other areas of the body. 
  • Dental Brush Up - Thorough, yet gentle, brush of the teeth using bacteria killing paste. This cleans mild tartar build up and mild superficial stains on the teeth. Helps maintain general oral health and rid of bad breath.
  • Whitening Treatment (for dogs with white coats) - Removes stains around the face, paws and body. Makes the fur very clean, bright and shiny.


  • The Standard Groom: Wash and Brush Out + Tidy up + 2 or more add on’s = receive 10% 0FF


  • The Style Groom: Wash and Brush Out + Style Up +2 or more add-on’s = receive 10% OFF  


Buy 3 = 10% off

Buy 5 = 15% off

Buy 10 = 20% off 

*(Package discounts cannot be combined)*

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