About Us

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 Bazil is a very distinguished Lil Man who's Chihuahua/Terrier genetics keep his confidence high. He may be the size of a shoe, but he always has... and always will believe that he is one of the big boys. Bazil is a rescue from The Animal Haven Animal Shelter in New York City.

Bazil's Favourite things: Cheese, guarding the house, and telling-off overly playful Puppies. 


Ruby is Bazil's little sister (not biologically) who has mastered both being an all out rugged dog and a perfectly precious pooch at the same time. She is an Andalusian (Spanish) Podenco by breed with the nickname of "Ruby the Rocket," because of her ability to run lightning fast. Ruby is a rescue from the Animals In Distress Rescue Organisation in Malaga, Spain. 

Ruby's Favourite things: A game of Chase on the beach, a tennis ball, and attention from her Daddy.