Colloidal Silver Ear Drops

Colloidal Silver Ear Drops

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Unlike other pet products, colloidal silver is a negatively charged solution, making it effective in treating various problems. As it interacts with positively charged single-cell microorganisms, it disrupts the functions of these microbes. Colloidal silver for pets stops these microorganisms from receiving enzymes and oxygen, killing them effectively. Unlike other pet products, colloidal silver does not affect good bacteria nor interfere with other body processes, limiting any side effects your pet may experience from other medications. 

General uses of Colloidal Silver: In pets, especially cats and dogs, colloidal silver is useful in helping treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections, burns, ringworm, parasites, digestive disorders and yeast infections. Furthermore, you can use colloidal silver for pets to improve their gum health. You can also use it to wash their eyes and ears. 

These Ear Drops: For pets, it is a natural solution useful in maintaining ear health and protecting against the onset of infection. These drops should be used for ears ONLY.  Ear infections are common in dogs (especially in certain breeds)  and most dogs suffer from this condition at some stage in their life. Rubbing and scratching at the ears and shaking the head are common signs of this. There may also be swelling, redness or an odour or discharge from the ear. or if your pet has an underlying medical condition, always consult your vet first. 

Colloidal Silver is an affordable and versatile addition to your pets’ first aid kit. Lovejoys Colloidal Silver is a premium quality, ultra pure ionic silver solution. It is made in the UK and naturally vegan friendly.