Ceramic Look Stainless Steel Bowl (Bordeaux)

Ceramic Look Stainless Steel Bowl (Bordeaux)

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Reminiscent of famous French cookware, these Bazil & Ruby best selling stainless steel bowls have the gorgeous look of vibrantly coloured ceramic, yet made of stainless steel, it's break resistant and great for easy travelling. Equipped with an integrated sturdy rubber base, the bowl is skid- resistant and noise-free.


They are also top-rack dishwasher safe and come in a variety of colours and sizes. Match the bowls to your home interior or have fun with the colours and sizes by mixing and matching!

Fits most standard designed elevated feeders

Suitable for use by all pets and animals.



XS: 12cm/ 4.5 inches

Small: 14cm/ 5.5 inches

Medium: 17cm/ 6.5 inches

Large: 21cm/ 8 inches


XS: 4cm/ 1.5 inches

Small, Med and Large: 15cm/ 2 inches